Here is the latest menu...

Of Nihari, Paya and Chicken Bhuna

Yes, we have just launched these three delicacies. Add our mouth watering Haleem to it and you got the best of North Indian and Pakistani cuisine. What else can one ask for!

A footnote on our 'Islandwide' delivery

Most of you probably know that we have tied up with delivery companies of the likes of Ubereats, Deliveroo and Foodpanda. It is correct. The fact is, these companies serve within a certain footprint from each of our three outlets. However, should you outside their delivery areas, you may turn to for islandwide delivery. 

Michelin Interview 

Here is the link to the latest Michelin guide interview on why we are considered worthy of 2016 Bib Gourmand award. This is the only biryani restaurant in the world to have won this coveted award.

We will always work to live up to it. --Chef

Biryani Headquarters in the NTUC Foodfare at the Simei MRT. Open for business. 

We are living in interesting times. One of those is opening of our new store under a brand new name -- Biryani Headquarters. We have started working with NTUC Foodfare for our BHQ brand. BHQ or Biryani Headquarter is entirely owned by Bismillah but it is designed to be near our customers. We want to go where Bismillah has never gone before (..and we are Star Trek fans). If we cannot do a full service restaurant, we will try and do a decent stall that also sell your favorite mango lassi and kulfi -- in a food court. This is our first such venture. We have lots of people coming in every day from Changi Business Park for their biryani at our flagship Dunlop Street restaurant. It was a lot of inconvenience for them. So we brought the biryani to them. Our Simei stall at NTUC Foodfare is located smack  below the MRT station. It is open for business -- seven days a week. BHQ Simei will be served by Foodpanda very shortly. May you live in interesting times.

UBEREATS and Bismillah: Yes, UBEREATS now delivers for us from our Little India and One-North restaurants. Ubereats will start to deliver from our Simei outlet as well - starting Nov 6. Food panda currently covers this location.

Stop Press...Stop Press...Stop Press
Bismillah is a winner of Michelin's 2016 Bib Gourmand award.

Yes, we have opened a spanking new full service and fully digital restaurant very close to One-North MRT station. Here's the address;

Bismillah Biryani Restaurant
#01-03 Nexus@One-North
1 Fusionopolis Link
Singapore 138542 Tel 92707649

Operating hours: 11am - 7:30pm Non-stop Monday-Friday
Saturday: 11:00am - 5pm.
Closed on Sundays and public holidays

Thought for food!
Your recipe is worth nothing if it doesn't factor in the element of time, gradient of heat during the course of cooking that determines how much time would it take to cook properly and, finally, the consideration for required humidity whether cooked on a stove or inside an oven. 

Today's special: Peshawari Pista kulfi (frozen dessert), Firni and Kheer.  Absolutely in line with our standards, those are finger licking good. We make a limited quantity of all three desserts every day.

1. On order; Karahi chicken ala Carte $25 half chicken/$40 full chicken
2. Everyday; Haleem and paya (mutton trotters) but kindly text/sms to reserve your order.

1. Regular chicken/mutton dum biryani $8.50/$15.00
2. Fish biryani $12.00
3. Double chicken/mutton dum biryani $13.00/$20.00
4. Strictly veg biryani $8.00
5. Mutton Biryani $15.00
6. Double Mutton Biryani $20.00
7. Boneless Mutton Biryani $20.00
9. Boneless Double Mutton Biryani $25.00
All biryanis come with raita.

1. Boneless chicken tandoori tikka/chop $10.00 per plate of 5pcs
2. Mutton shami kebab $4.00 each
3. Mutton seekh kebab $12.00/plate of two
4. Chicken bihari kebab $12.00/plate
5. Mutton bihari kebab $15.00/plate
All kebabs come with chutney

House drinks
1. Mango Lassi $4.00
2. Fresh lime Juice $2.50

Sweet sensation
1. Firni/Kheer/Sheer khorma $3.00 per serving
2. Peshawari Pista and nuts kulfi $2.50

Apart from the above specials, regular selection of soft drinks available. To ensure your food selection is available, please text/sms 93827937 to reserve.

Thank you all...

The most digitally cooked and least unhealthy Biryani awaits you...

The Straits Times Editor's Choice makes us proud. What makes us equally proud is that we are also your choice when it comes to Biryani and Kebabs. Not to mention that, Business Times CEO Choice series puts us again firmly as No.1 favourite authentic biryani of Singapore. Thank you CEOs and thank you Singapore. One more thing; please follow us on Twitter [@bismillahbryani]

The previous mega recognition of our work came from the publishers of Lonely Planet guide books. They mention in the Singapore guide book, and I quote 'Bismillah has the best biryani and kebabs this side of the Bay of Bengal.' The world's No.1 travel guide-book publisher has mentioned us as top choice in virtually every category in the latest edition of the guide-book. I am humbled.

This came at the heels of Anthony Bodain including Bismillah in its Singapore Layover Show. Mr Anthony Bodain is a very famous and well respected travel and food show host from the USA. His show is watched all over the world.

It will be very ungrateful if I don't mention Dr. Leslie of His genius set me on this path. He asked the right questions and got me even more interested in Biryani. I have yet to answer some of his questions. I am working on those. In the meantime, I am grateful to all of our patrons, food reviewers, blog writers and food blogs. I promise you I will not lower the standards.

I have been asked by friends of Bismillah to use the worldwide web to communicate with food lovers in Singapore but I have been too busy in the kitchen. I am finally out of the kitchen and typing away on a computer for past few hours. So now you can log on and see for yourself what is cooking in our kitchen today and whether or not you want to order it for collection later in the day or bring over friends for lunch or dinner.

I will recap what you all already know; we try to cook the least unhealthy meal we can. Money matters to us but it is your [and mine] health that counts.

The sole purpose of this site is to communicate with you -- our valued patrons. You can order food by 'sms' and indicate a pick up time or when will you come to dine at Bismillah and how many of you. We will make sure we have the Biryani for you. Talk to us please.